Images from history ‘inspire’ young parents

By Evelyn Nnabuife, Young Ambassador

So it’s been a while since the launch of the Dispensing Wisdom Project and it’s definitely fair to say that there has been a lot of learning for both the project team and the participating young women, and particularly for the Inspire! young parents project.

Friday 20 February, saw us working with a group of young parents playing dress up… well…dress up with a purpose!

The young mothers took part in a session with the idea to use clothes and props brought in by Mila Sanders (Dispensing Wisdom’s set and costume designer) that dated back to the early 19th century. The idea was for the young women to look through the Manor Gardens Archive images, pick out specific photos and choose people within the images to replicate.

The task had the young women excited, eagerly trawling through the bag of clothes, nearly forgetting what the task entailed.

The young parents started putting together different pieces of clothing, to create the images as well as creating other pieces of clothing using paper. We even had a paper moustache that looked very real (without trying to give too much away).

The young women posed throughout the session in a photo booth created with Photography Artist – Marysa Dowling.

There was a fake baby, a real baby and a fake pregnancy involved in the session!

The images created, will be revealed in a unique way at the Dispensing Wisdom Event – in June 2015.

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